Session Members

As a PC(USA) congregation we are governed by a body of elected elders called the session. The elders are persons chosen from among the congregation and ordained for this service. Feel free to contact any elder with questions about our church and its ministries.

Class of 2024

  • Rick Gow
  • Mary Anne Kull
  • Rich Merhige

Class of 2025

  • Bill Bouck
  • Carol DeMare
  • Jo Dixon
  • Kimberly Dudley
  • Linda Williams

Class of 2026

  • Ron Choquette
  • Cheryl Loomis
  • Laura Shapiro


First Presbyterian Church has elected deacons to carry out practical leadership roles within our church. The deacons are members elected by the congregation for this role and each takes on responsibilities to care for our church and congregation. You can contact the moderator of the deacons at any time by emailing deacons@thepinkchurch.org

Bob Mechtly & Bob Runde, Co-Moderators

Class of 2024

  • Bonnie Clark
  • Monica Gow
  • Pat Norby

Class of 2025

  • Bob Mechtly
  • Bob Runde
  • Lorraine Runde

Class of 2026

  • Nancy Barnes
  • Don Briggs
  • Dan Marquette


First Presbyterian Church Foundation members.

Class of 2024

  • Tyler Johnson
  • Merle Zislin

Class of 2025

  • Darryl Hinkle
  • Casey Mills

Class of 2026

  • Bill Bouck
  • John Kirkpatrick

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